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Excellent Experience

The Manko Company was founded in 2000 and is still going strong. From day one, we've helped business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers use promotional products to boost sales, retain customers, increase purchase frequency and get more referrals. We’ve helped thousands of clients in nearly every industry, with a primary focus on insurance. Most promotional product companies don't make it past five years, but we’ve been at it for more than twenty. Throughout that time, The Manko Company has nurtured a network of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the country - from Maine to Miami to Honolulu and all points in between. 

Total Commitment

Placing an order means you’re entrusting your brand and your money with The Manko Company. We take this commitment seriously. Every order is reviewed, processed and monitored by the owners, Avery Manko and Diana Santillo, from initial contact to final delivery. Our goal is delivering great work on time. When you open that box, you’ll love what you see.

Superior Service

There are thousands of promotional products companies. We all sell the same things from the same suppliers. To the inexperienced buyer, we all look the same - but we're not. The difference is in quality of service. At The Manko Company, we take pride in first rate service. The emailed compliments we receive from happy customers mean the world to us. After experiencing how easy it is to work with us, and how little “babysitting” we need, customers are surprised to learn that The Manko Company is just a two person operation. Those two people deliver such consistently superior service due to decades of shared experience.

Team Manko

The Manko Company is owned by the husband and wife team of Avery Manko and Diana Santillo. Avery got his start in the industry in 1990. He owned and operated a screen printing business, then transitioned to promotional products in the mid 90's. Most promotional product distributors have never really gotten their hands dirty making the products that they sell. Not Avery. This Penn State graduate started his professional journey putting screens on presses and printing promotional shirts. Avery’s practical experience helps him create effective designs that will print accurately. If you have product questions or questions about placing an order, Avery is your contact.

Diana left corporate America in 2010 and came to work at The Manko Company. She is a former corporate tax attorney and accountant. She worked for a large, well-known company that owns brands which probably fill your refrigerator. Beyond her duties as accounting specialist, Diana tracks and manages orders once they are in production, ship out and delivered to you. Adept at handling all the spinning plates, balancing books and everything in between, Diana will be happy to answer any questions about orders in process, deliveries or invoices.